Documentation: The PolitiFact API


Not full-text: The PolitiFact API does not return the full text of Statements, Stories, Promises or Updates.

Be gentle: The PolitiFact API is not rate-limited. However, we ask that you limit your requests whenever possible. Also, we ask that you limit the number of items returned in a request to 5 or fewer.


There are four resources available through the PolitiFact API: Statements, Stories, Promises and Updates.

Statements are the pieces of text that PolitiFact has chosen to check. Statements have a speaker, a ruling and a subject, and can optionally have a target. We offer statements by date, by person, and by subject. When using the "statements by person" method below, note that the API doesn't distinguish if the person is the speaker or the target.

Stories act like blog posts. Stories don't have available filters; they're made available in date order.

Promises are campaign promises that PolitiFact has chosen to track. Promises have a speaker (in this case, President Barack Obama) and a subject. Promises are numbered, and we offer them in numeric order; if you choose a single promise, you'll get #1.

Updates are PolitiFact's examinations of a person's progress on a Promise. An update has a promise, a subject, and a ruling. We offer updates in date order and in date order by subject.




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